About VPL Limited


In December of 2015, the HILTI Group contracted the services of VPL Limited as the sole distributors of HILTI products and services in Pakistan. VPL Limited is thereby officially responsible for the marketing, engineering, sales and aftersale services of all HILTI manufactured and distributed products. The product range for Pakistan includes power tools and accessories, mechanical and chemical anchoring systems, direct fastening systems, installation systems, diamond drilling and cutting systems, cutting and sanding systems, screw fastening systems and construction chemical and measuring systems.

A Look at HILTI

HILTI is a world leading manufacturer and supplier of quality, innovative and specialized tools and fastening systems for the professional user. HILTI expertise covers the areas of powder activated fastening, drilling and demolition, cordless power tools, diamond coring and cutting, measuring tools, firestopping, screw fastening, adhesive and mechanical anchoring and strut and hammer systems.

Vision VPL LTD and HILTI

Our aim is to be the first preference in the minds of construction professionals as providers of premium and competitive brands of specialized tools and quality services as we make profitable and sustainable growth. We also aspire to build a better future by making construction sites simpler, faster and safer.

Mission HILTI

Our purpose - We passionately create enthusiastic customers and build a better future - reflects our corporate strategy which is focused on sustainable value creation through leadership and differentiation.

We engage in continuous innovation in products, services and software that adds value and ease for our direct and partnership based customers. Our goal is to live up to our brand promise through operational excellence.


We are in the business of providing top of the line tools and technologies for the construction industry. Our products fit together seamlessly so our customers can use them throughout their design, installation and building processes. The tools are designed for a wide range of applications from everyday jobs to providing solutions for the most harsh environments and toughest of job sites.

Power Tools & Accessories

An extensive range of rotary hammers, combihammers and breakers which are supplemented with consumables such as drilling accessories, chipping and chiseling accessories and coring accessories. These tools have been designed to reduce dust and fatigue and increase performance, durability and drilling speed.

Anchors and Fastening Elements

A range of chemical and mechanical anchors along with fastening tools for easy installation designed for higher productivity and to improve building performance.

Diamond Tools & Accessories

A collection of diamond coring tools, coring stands along with many accessories including vacuum baseplates, vacuum pumps, accessory kits, locking nuts, screws, water supply units, diamond corebit/ corebit extensions and connection ends.

Diamond wall saws and wire saws are supplemented with sawing consumables and are useful for structural alterations or demolition of concrete and other base materials, optimized for minimum set up time. All tools and accessories are designed for powerful performance.

Cutting & Grinding

The grinders and cutting tools are designed for high power and productivity to work faster and longer in a variety of base metals including metal, wood, concrete and masonry.

Cutting & Grinding (Abrasive)

HILTI angle grinders feature a long service life, high performance and safety features that meet the highest demands, making daily work with these tools safer and convenient. Fibre and flap discs are available for cutting, grinding and polishing metal.

Cutting & Grinding (Diamond)

An array of concrete cutters designed to cut up to double the depth of conventional angle grinders, slitting tools, diamond grinders designed for longer life and exceptionally fast concrete removal, vacuum cleaners, diamond cutting discs for faster and smoother cutting, and diamond cup wheels for grinding on concrete.

Cordless Tools

A collection of cordless systems that are designed for higher productivity and mobility. The product range includes rotary hammers, drill drivers and impact drivers, cordless saws, cordless grinders and batteries & chargers.

Direct Fastening

A set of gas actuated and powder actuated cordless tools. The powder actuated tools are supplemented by consumables. These cordless fully automatic or semi-automatic fastening tools and accessories are designed for fastening materials like wood, insulation boards, metal decks and gratings. They are designed to deliver reliable fastenings and boosting productivity.

Screw Fastening

A harmonious combination of screws designed for easy driving and drivers designed to prevent over-screwing. The screw fastening systems make hard work easier.

Screw Drivers
Corded and cordless dry-wall screw drivers with powerful motors, a high r.p.m and an ergonomic design. The cordless versions are designed for exceptional performance and running time. The metal screw drivers feature torque clutch helping to prevent over-screwing and head-breakage and also feature depth gauges to to control sealing washer compression. The product mix also includes screw driver bits and holders.

A collection of self drilling and drywall screws etc. and screw magazines. The screws are designed to make the user’s job easier with low contact pressure and tips shaped for easy and less tiring driving.


Measuring and detection systems are based on years of expertise in laser measuring, construction layout and concrete scanning. The measuring system provides solutions designed for easy and intuitive operation. The product mix includes laser range meters, multi-directional and rotating lasers and detection systems.

Construction Chemicals

Construction chemicals help fill, seal and insulate construction joints, frame joints and penetrations for walls, floors, windows and doors - helping to improve building performance and save energy. The product mix includes foams, smoke & accoustic products and grouts and concrete repair.

Firestop Chemicals

Firestop chemicals are helpful in protecting buildings from fire and saving lives. The product line  includes sealants, firestop collars and accessories such as dispensers.

Installation System

Modular support systems for pipes, ventilation, sprinkler, electrical and seismic applications are designed to achieve more with fewer parts. Features include channel systems, brackets, riser clamps, pipe rings & loop hangers and threaded rods and other accessories.


With a hands-on approach towards customer care, VPL - HILTI offers a comprehensive set of pre and aftersale services to its clients.

Repair & Maintenance Services

The company repairs and cleans tools for its customers with a quick turnaround. The tools just need to be sent to the nearest designated HILTI office. One of the perks of buying from HILTI is that no proof of purchase is required since each tool is registered with the company.

Highly trained and certified engineers carry out the repairs by using only genuine HILTI spare parts for the optimum performance of the tools. HILTI also offers onsite services for minor repairs.

Engineering Services

Various solutions are formulated for anchor related issues when it comes to loading, mechanical &  electrical installations and firestop applications. We propose the most pertinent and economical solutions for our customers according to the application since our relationship with them doesn’t halt after a sale, rather the sale is considered as the starting point of a permanent working relationship.


The dynamic engineering team at HILTI recognizes the constant need for keeping the professional development of its staff up to speed. To this end, HILTI ensures that engineers and architects are educated and trained frequently about innovative and effective processes and solutions related to products or ideas covering the continuously improving and adaptable design methods and industry standards that are conformed to on a daily basis.

Sales, Services and Procurement

Our dedicated Account Managers work closely and relentlessly with our customers to support them in the long-term success of their businesses. The committed managers  work all angles to guide and assist customers at every important juncture of their work-cycle.

We offer

● Professional advice through the most plausible and productive HILTI solutions for your product, services or software needs.
● Testing our latest Hilti technologies and innovations onsite at your build, before you buy.
● Advice about our HILTI tailor made services, for example safety trainings or anchor pull out tests.

Customer Services

At HILTI, our customer service teams are trained to help with much more than just placing an order. The experienced teams understand the power and relevance of HILTI products, softwares and services and thus offer the most plausible solutions to the tasks at hand.

Customers can also gain access to their Onsite Account Managers through customer service in case they have a specific technical query or if they simply want to have a word with them.

Our customer services teams can

● Give advice about HILTI products, softwares or services.
● Find stock availability and place an order for you.
● Help you find the best delivery solution in line with your need, even if that means delivering at your doorstep.
● Arrange a service or repair for your HILTI tools.

HILTI Stores

● Hilti experts are at your disposal to offer advice about products and services.
● Our staff offers presentations and demonstrations of product innovations.
● Customers and prospective customers are invited to HILTI Events and informed about all Special Offers.
● Customers are offered with immediate availability of machines and consumables.

Trainings & Advice

Expert HILTI staff provides customers with onsite product trainings and technical advice. The trainers also provide software trainings to consultants eg. HILTI Profis

Contact Us

Customer Services: 0800-44-584

Office Address

Main office & Lahore Hilti Store: 49 – C Jail Road Lahore.
VPL Warehouse: 18-KM Multan road Lahore.
Islamabad Hilti Store: 4-KM Tarnol Railway crossing, Main G.T Road, Sarai Kharbooza, Islamabad
Karachi HiltiStore: D-68, Estate Avenue, S.I.T.E Karachi.