Standard 12V Cutting Kit

Features & applications


  • 1x Cordless drill driver SF 2-A 22 Volts in case
  • 3x Battery pack B 12/2.6
  • 1x Battery charger C 4/12-50 230V
  • 1x Cordless lamp SL 2-A 12 Volts in box
  • 1x Cordless reciprocating saw SR 2-A 12 Volts in box


  • Regular maintenance is key to ensure longevity and efficiency of the elevator or escalator. Cutting and replacing damaged plastic pipes or steel supports may sometimes be required
  • Opening and closing control panel, Hall and car operating panel
  • SL 2 lamp: Natural white light clearly illuminates dark work areas with high colour accuracy
  • SR 2 recip saw: Extremely compact – the reciprocating saw for working in cramped or hard-to-reach spaces
  • SF 2 drill driver: Ultra-compact design for good access in tight corners. Ergonomic grip and perfect balance for maximum working comfort

Product information & prices

Item Number Name # of items in Package Package Price
Elev-Combo-03 Standard 12V Cutting Kit -

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Technical data

  • SF 2: Maximum torque (soft/hard joint): 12 Nm (soft joint), 24 Nm (hard joint)
  • SF 2: No load RPM: gear 1: 400 rpm; gear 2: 1500 rpm
  • SF 2: Chuck clamping range: 1 - 10 mm